Viva® was voted 2015 Product of the Year by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation. Cheat for a week on your regular paper towel with Viva® Vantage*.

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  • I have always used Bounty or Brawny. But recently my hubby came home with Viva Vantage. I absolutely LOVE this product! I only used one! It’s strong, feels great in my hands. I’ll probably never buy any other paper towel! by kakie

  • Viva Vantage is AWESOME! I love these towels. The way they stretch is so cool. You really need to try them. by tcherenow

  • I accidentally washed AND dried a Viva towel once. To my absolute surprise, IT CAME OUT CLEAN AND ALL IN 1 PIECE!!! I’ve been sold ever since!!! by nile