Viva Paper Towels FB Twitter Pinterest Viva Towels Brand logo A member of the Kimberly-Clark family, Viva® Towels are known for being a quality paper towel product. Special features like its stretchy, cloth-like texture make it strong and absorbent enough for larger messes in tight, hard to reach places. Read reviews and get tips for cleaning appliances, mirrors, patio furniture and more with Viva® Paper Towel. Kimberly Clark Contact Details:
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and most
*When Wet vs. nationally branded towels

Product Benefits

Soft on Hands & Face

Viva Signature Cloth has a soft, subtle texture so it's gentle to use on your hands and face, but still tough on messes.
*when wet vs nationally branded paper towels

Durable for tough messes

Viva Signature Cloth is 2x more durable* -- and soft like cloth -- for your toughest messes.
*when wet vs. the leading value brand

Rinse & Reuse

Viva Signature Cloth can be rinsed and reused for multiple cleaning jobs or for those especially tough, stuck-on messes.

Professional Grade

Get a professional-level clean with Viva Signature Cloth -- the toughest towel to tackle the toughest job.

Viva's Sustainability Promise

With 100% of paper fibers from responsibly managed forests, Viva Signature Cloth gives you a clean you can feel good about.

Viva in Action

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Viva® Signature Cloth

2x more durable to power through your toughest cleaning tasks to help you achieve an exceptional deep clean throughout your home.

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Find cleaning tips at your fingertips - from everyday messes to deep cleaning - with a little help from Viva®.