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Couple eating snacks off of Viva Paper Towels

Keep your home clean with these helpful tips from Viva®


How to Quickly Clean Your Bathroom and Bedroom?

Need to clean up faster than expected? Here are some tips from Viva® to make cleaning up simple, fast and effective.

Kids making holiday cookies with their mom

Holiday kitchen cleaning

Don’t let holiday cooking ruin your cheer.

How to Clean and Protect Your Home’s Surfaces?

As an avid cleaner, you know that not all surfaces are created equal. Dive into the do’s and don’ts when cleaning your home.

How to Clean Toys like a Pro?

Wondering how to better sanitize your children’s toys? From plastic to plush toys, Viva® has you covered.

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes?

Regularly cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial for your skin. Wondering where to start? Keep reading for some tips from Viva®.

How to Get Your Children in on Cleaning?

Wondering how to get some more help around the house? We’ve gathered some tips and tricks on how to get the entire family in on the cleaning.

How to Keep Your Camping Trips Clean and Pristine?

Ready to spend time in the great outdoors? Make sure to keep everything as clean as can be with some helpful tips.

How to Make Homemade Cleaning Solutions?

Ready to deep clean every room in your home? We’ve put together some of our favorite DIY cleaning solutions to help you along the way.

How to Sanitize Your Newborn Essentials?

Is there a new baby in the house? Make sure to keep their essentials clean and sanitized with these tips.

Person scrolling through food delivery application on their smartphone

Clean your screen

Keep your phone germ-free with these easy steps.

Woman holding cat in arms

Clean up after your cat

Clean up cat messes easily with Viva® Signature Cloth™.

Person spraying cleaning on to Viva Paper Towels to clean home

Sanitize your home

Keeping your home sanitized is essential to your health.

Person using Viva Paper Towels to clean up muddy paw prints from pet

Keep your pet-friendly home pristine

Picks up 2x more pet messes.

Happy couple pulling holiday decorations out of a box

Cleaning Holiday decorations

Pick up last year’s dust with Viva® Signature Cloth™ for shinier holiday décor.

Drooling Dog looking through window

Keep your dog friendly home clean

Picking up after your lovable pooch is a breeze.

Person cleaning up mess on countertops with Viva Paper Towels

Holidays at a distance

Don’t feel distant from your loved ones with these digital holiday tips.

Person cleaning off light switch with Viva Paper Towels

A new routine to stay clean

A simple routine will keep your home clean all year long.