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Your phone may be dirtier than you think

Viva® Towels | Oct 04, 2022 | 1.5 min Read
Person scrolling through food delivery application on their smartphone

Think about how many times you touch your phone in a day. Then think about how many other things you touch between those times. Your phone screen can be a hotbed for germs and viruses. Studies have shown that phone screens can have 18 times more germs than a toilet handle.

Everything from staph to E. coli can live on your phone’s touchscreen, but with the right disinfectant, you can wipe those germs away.

When it comes to disinfecting your phone, a little alcohol goes a long way. Recently, Apple has changed their guidelines and gave us the “OK” to use alcohol wipes on our phone screens. Here’s how:

First, lightly dampen the corner of a microfiber cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol, or regular rubbing alcohol you can find it at your grocery store or pharmacy.

Then, thoroughly wipe your phone screen with the damp part of the cloth from edge to edge. The alcohol should dry quickly but, if not, blot any wet spots on your screen with the dry side of the towel.

Next, clean the rest of your phone, case, and accessories with a damp Viva® Signature Cloth™ Paper Towel paying particular attention to any visible stains or rough areas.

Once everything is wiped down, it’s time to sanitize your phone by dabbing a Viva® Signature Cloth™ Paper Towel in alcohol and running it over your phone back, sides, phone case, and accessories.

It doesn’t take much, but the daily cleaning of your phone makes all the difference. Just wipe lightly with regular rubbing alcohol, and avoid any harsh chemicals like bleach. You may be tempted to buy the UV lights for cleaning phones sold online, but they are not as effective against germs as a simple wipe down with alcohol.

The most crucial step to keeping your phone clean of germs is simple: Wash your hands frequently. Cleaner hands will mean a more pristine phone.