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How to Quickly Clean Your Bathroom and Bedroom?

Viva® Towels | Oct 04, 2022 | 2.5 min Read
Cleaning bathroom & bedroom by using vivatowels

Are you running short on time but need to clean? Here’s how to tidy up your bathroom and bedroom in no time with Viva® Multi-Surface™ paper towels.


How to deep clean your bathroom fast?

  • Step 1: Get rid of water stains with shaving cream
    • There’s more than one way to use your shaving cream. It can also double as an easy way to remove water stains from the shower glass. Simply apply the shaving cream and let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe off with Viva® Multi-Surface™ paper towels.
  • Step 2: Deep clean your tub with baking soda and vinegar
    • Mix one cup vinegar, half a cup of baking soda with hot water and pour into an empty tub and allow to sit for five minutes. Start filling the tub with hot water until it is approximately one-quarter filled, and let it sit for an additional five minutes. Then release the drain and rinse thoroughly.
  • Step 3: DIY aromatherapy solution
    • Get your sink or tub to shine by mixing baking soda, drops of lemon and basil essential oils and dish soap. Sponge the mixture on the surface of your bathtub and bathroom sink for 10 minutes. Rinse the water and enjoy a spotless clean.
  • Step 4: Deep clean your toilet
    • First drain the water in the toilet by pouring about a half-gallon of water into the toilet. Then apply your go-to disinfectant and begin to scrub thoroughly. Once finished, flush the soapy water. Lastly, make sure to spray the exterior with disinfectant and then wipe down with Viva® Multi-Surface™ paper towels to lift and trap any dust.


How to clean your bedroom fast?

  • Step 1: Set a timer for 15-minute cleaning bursts
    • Decluttering a little everyday saves you time in the long run. When you spend just 10 to 15 minutes a day tidying up it really can keep things running quickly on big cleaning days.
  • Step 2: Grab all trash and pick up dirty clothes
    • A wastebasket in your room helps make cleaning easier. First gather and throw away any trash around the room then empty the wastebasket.
    • In a rush? Don't worry about sorting dirty clothes before tossing them in a hamper.
  • Step 3: Make your bed
    • An instant way to make your room balanced and organized is by making your bed. If you’re in a hurry, leave washing and changing your sheets for another time.
  • Step 4: Wipe surfaces clean
    • Once your space is decluttered, it’s time to wipe clean the surfaces. Use some of your favorite spray cleaner and then wipe down using Viva® Multi-Surface™ paper towels.


Creating and maintaining a clean and refreshing home is a great way to minimize stress and function at your best. We hope that these tips will help make cleaning efficient and effective.