Roll over the Pop-Up* Box to see it in action.

Viva® On-the-Go Napkins

For tough messes away from home, try Viva® On-the-Go Napkins. The convenient Pop-Up* Box makes it easy to grab one napkin at a time with just one hand, so you'll always be ready for cleanup

at a BBQ, picnic, outdoor party or in the car.

No more blow away napkins

  • The convenient, Pop-Up* Box keeps napkins secure - perfect on a windy day!
  • Since they pop up one-at-a-time, the remaining napkins always stay clean.
  • In the car
  • BBQ
  • Picnic
  • Tailgating

In the Car

It's tough to clean up when you're out on the road. The Pop-Up* Box is easy to carry along for backseat spills and on-the-go snacking.


Why get sauce on the whole stack of napkins when you only need one? Now you can grab a single napkin with just one hand.


Enjoy the sun and fresh air without worrying about the wind. The Pop-Up* Box keeps your napkins all in one place.


When you're celebrating your favorite team, messes are bound to happen. Viva® On-the-Go Napkins make clean-up easy all season long.

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